Open science award for Free Software in research 2023


We are proud to announce that the Fink team has been awarded the open science prize for Free Software in research 2023 by the French Ministry of Research!

The award recognizes projects and research teams working to develop and disseminate free software, contributing to the construction of a crucial common good. These awards recognize the production of free software as a contribution and a result of research. They highlight exceptional or highly promising achievements, which can inspire both the scientific community and society as a whole. There were 3 categories: “science and technics”, “documentation”, and “community”. Fink was awarded the Special Prize (Coup de cœur) from the jury, which recognizes an exemplary project combining several of these categories!

Free software under the Apache 2.0 license from the outset, Fink has continued to promote the values of free software as a solution to the technical challenges encountered in astronomy, as a necessary means for open science, and as a strong vector for scientific success.

The prize is a collective achievement, and thank you all for your contributions & support over the years, and let’s continue building an open science together!

More information on the laureates (in French) from the Press Release. Photo credits: D. Longieras, IJCLab.