Power failures at the University


Work has been done!

This year, we had regular power outages at the VirtualData center, mainly due to a weak and old electrical network at the University. The IT teams at IJCLab regularly restarted all machines and services in a short amount of time after hard cuts (included evenings and week-ends!), and we designed more and more robust and automatic systems to keep the whole infrastructure healthy and operative after going completely crazy.

The University has finally planned work to improve the electrical network. The work started during the 2021 Christmas break, and we hope that the situation will be better from 2022.

Deployment at CC-IN2P3

On a more optimistic note, 2022 will also be the time when Fink will start the deployment of its production platform at the CC-IN2P3 data center. CC has a long tradition of stability, and we are confident that Fink will be able to operate in a very stable environment during Rubin operations. For information, we have 250 vCPUs and 250 TB storage guarantee this year (twice the number of current vCPUs, and 5 times the storage).