LSST enabling science 2020 broker workshop


In order to enable new science with the LSST alert stream, brokers are developing a new layer in the time domain ecosystem, experimenting with new ways of enriching and filtering these data. A diversity of solutions are being tested, but there is a need for more interaction between brokers, their community of users, and the alert generation teams.

The transient sky community is invited to participate in a two half days virtual workshop on Oct 27-28th, 2020. This workshop is organized by the ALeRCE and Fink alert brokers in collaboration with other alert broker teams and the Vera C. Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) and its Science Collaborations (SCs). It will be the first of a series of two mini workshops as part of our awarded LSST Enabling Science Program 2020.

The objectives of the first workshop in these series are the following:

The second workshop will be 4-6 months after this first workshop, where we will assemble developments and reflections from the different users and collaborations.

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