Fink Science Portal 0.10


Check out the version 0.10 of the Science Portal! Several new features: DNS for the portal, crossmatch with LIGO/Virgo maps, query string, and as always… a lot of bug fixes!

Domain name for the portal

So far, you were connecting to the Science Portal at I’ve heard that IP addresses are so 1980s, and http is so 1990s… So here we are, a brand new domain name, and a secured connection! We even add a reverse proxy! Christmas before Christmas – enjoy !

Note that the old link is still valid to give you the time to transition.

Crossmatch with LIGO/Virgo maps

Let’s assume you want get all alerts falling inside a given LIGO/Virgo credible region sky map (retrieved from the GraceDB event page, or distributed via GCN). You would simply upload the sky map with a threshold, and Fink returns all alerts emitted within [-1 day, +6 day] from the GW event inside the chosen credible region. Concretely on S200219ac:

# LIGO/Virgo probability sky maps, as gzipped FITS (bayestar.fits.gz)
# S200219ac on 2020-02-19T09:44:15.197173
fn = 'bayestar.fits.gz'

# GW credible region threshold to look for. Note that the values in the resulting
# credible level map vary inversely with probability density: the most probable pixel is
# assigned to the credible level 0.0, and the least likely pixel is assigned the credible level 1.0.
# Area of the 20% Credible Region:
credible_level = 0.2

# Query Fink
data = open(fn, 'rb').read()
r =
        'bayestar': str(data),
        'credible_level': credible_level,
        'output-format': 'json'

pdf = pd.read_json(r.content)

You will get a Pandas DataFrame as usual, with all alerts inside the region (within [-1 day, +6 day]).


More information at Note this feature is available only from the REST API (not available from the website).

Query String

You can now query Fink database directly from an URL. You have to specify two things:

See below some concrete examples.

Conesearch 05:59:36&window_days_conesearch=1

Note that startdate_conesearch and window_days_conesearch are optional. Search&startdate=2021-07-01%2005:59:36&window=1 Search&class=Early SN Ia candidate

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